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Eco Club

"Bougainvillea Eco Club" has been formed in the school to make the children aware of pollution free atmosphere. It's main objectivies are to spread awareness about.

  1. The various components of environment and their significance.
  2. The status of depletion , degradation and pollution of natural resources.
  3. Ways and means to minimize the degrartion.

Eco Club organised quiz contests, removal of congress grass, plantation of different types of trees etc.

Health Club

The School is also running a health club to provide medical facilities for minor ailments. A trained medical attendant is available at all times for providing first-aid.

Language Club

To enhance the literary and creative skills of the learners, the school orgainises various events like debates, declamations, role-play plays and dramas etc. from time to time.

Physical Education

The sport is a part and percel of life. It creates discipline and tolerance power. For such activity, the school has a big lush green, ground where sports like football, Basketball, Cricket, Kabaddi etc. are played. To motivate the students the school celebrates " SPORTS DAY" every year in which the students take part enthusiantically.

Latest News
The New Session Start from Ist April 2020.!!